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In 2021 Kiera Chaplin launched Cryptochaplins NFTs which are 888 unique collectible cards with the aim of supporting vital causes close to her heart. The NFTs are produced in partnership with various non-profit organizations and brands, which already support or wish to proactively get engaged in spreading awareness about and taking a proactive stance against burning ecological and social issues.

Each partnership brings to life a new set of 8 cards, which are auctioned on Rarible marketplace. The NFT owners automatically become Members of the Cryptochaplins Universe, which grants them access to one-of-a-kind virtual experiences and other benefits and offers coming from partnership brands and organizations as well as updates from the non-profit partners. NFT sales in 2021 totaled over $26.9 billion worth of cryptocurrency, in a world where content is king, NFT’s are very much here to stay for the foreseeable future. Kiera’s second series will reveal ‘Fairy Kiera’,in the first quarter of 2022. Part 2 of her superhero collection will help make a positive social change to the environment through Rarible, the seventh largest NFT platform.

Rarible commits to building an inclusive and sustainable community and digital universe. To do that, it is partnering with blockchain company Tezos to reduce energy consumption when minting NFTs. Rarible has also partnered with carbon removal marketplace Nori to cover the cost of carbon removal for any NFT minted on its platform. Designing positive impact NFT’s was a natural progression for Kiera who is the President for the Dessert Flower Foundation France which has been fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM) around the world since its creation in 2002. In 2020 Kiera opened Sierra Leones first school for children aged 4-14, providing much needed education and equipment to help the underserved, her first line of NFT’s ‘Savvy Kiera’ were auctioned off in partnership with this grass roots organization.

“I had been hearing about NFTs for the past few months and found the whole world fascinating. It is still so new, and you can be very creative and build whole worlds, not just a piece of art. Then I partnered up with DIGITFULLY, a platform that does a lot of NFT campaigns. I created a whole world around my alter ego, a superhero that fights for injustices around the world. What is unique about my NFT’s is that they will be used to help causes and raise money for different charities. You will be playing a game and giving back to society’. Kiera Chaplin

NFTs are part of the digital economy. The digital economy is made up of a variety of online markets, including game economies, virtual real estate, and even social media platforms like Facebook. The rise of the digital economy has been one of the most significant developments in recent years. It’s predicted that by 2027, there will be $7 trillion worth of digital goods traded on virtual marketplaces worldwide. In 2022, it’s expected that NFTs will continue to grow within this ecosystem.

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