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Year 2888.

Doom's year for humankind. Planet Earth, what used to be a heavenly peaceful and abundant place, has been under the reig of Evilia Galaxy for hundreds of years now. Evilia has turned Earth into a miserable and underprivileged globe. Humans, once joyful and carefree beings, need to survive their daily struggles with the foreign conquerors subconsciously leading them astray to the dark side...

Evilia Galaxy is made of planets ruled by evil kings, queens and other powerholders. They are obsessed with Planet Earth, it's natural beauty, richness of resources and genuineness of humankind. Hence, Evilia raids Earth frequently to deplenish it's land and impover the humans. Evilians also invade human's minds and alter their emotions with poisonous negativity. Humans are too sensitive to remain unaffected by their

contagious hatred...

On the other side of the Cosmic Sphere swirls Planet Chaplinton. This faraway, almost secluded purple satellite is everything any species could only dream of - the source of ultimate happiness, pure love and infinite abundance.

Cryptochaplins, inhabitants of Chaplinton, strive only on good energy and positive emotions. They do not know what is hatred or jealousy and their minds don't get affected by any negative influence. Instead, they have managed to create an almost idyllic state of mind, where everyone is self-sufficient and cravings of the ego

do not exist.

Kiera is one of the Cryptochaplins. She is a goregous young lady, a superheroine with special powers, who loves her creative and active lifestyle as she travels aroud the Cosmos and develops her artistic projects. At the same time, she has no mercy for Evilia Galaxy rulers and she makes it her mission to rescue Planet Earth and Humankind. She lifts up people, supporting them in their daily sadness and life-battles against brutality of the aggressors...

She decides to go back in time to reverse what is irreversible and bring back Hope to Planet Earth. The only way she can do it, is through sacrificing one of her superpower Energy Spheres, which can take her hundreds of years back in time. With the help of other members of the Chaplinton's community, she conjures and sacrifices the sphere and as she comes out of the ritual totally changed, she is ready to go on her Mission to change the Past and save the Future of Planet Earth.


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Kiera The Hero joined the forces with 9/11 Day and EPIK Prime and launched her first line of NFT’s on 11th September. 9/11 Day is 501©(3) nonprofit foundation created to encourage millions to remember and pay tribute every 9/11 through good deeds that help one another and rekindle the extraordinary spirit of togetherness and compassion that arose in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. This year, for the first time ever 9/11 Day has launched a NFT campaign and Kiera The Hero has arrived from Chaplinton to help them turn sadness and grieve into hope and togetherness.


Kiera The Hero joins forces with Somalian supermodel and founder of the Desert Flower Foundation, Waris Dirie by launching a line of NFTs to help raise money for children in Sierra Leone. Proceeds of “Savvy Kiera” will go towards providing stationery and equipment for students at schools under the Desert Flower Foundation umbrella who range from age 4-14 as well as to support other educational activities of the foundation. One of the many sad facts facing underprivileged kids across Sierra Leone and neighboring areas is that without these schools they are simply sent out to take on manual labor without basic reading or writing skills. Kiera The Hero is changing it! There are 8 exclusive designs available to bid on, each one depicting a curious and knowledge hungry student taking classes such as chemistry, sports and math’s.

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Kiera The Hero joins forces with Rainforest Trust - US-based foundation looking after the wildlife predominantly in rainforest areas, but not only. Kiera is launching a new line of NFTs presenting a Rainforest Fairy in the entourage of her beloved animal friends. Deforestation, climate-change, lack of clean water, and other human-caused detrimental changes to the ecosystems have put many species at the edge of extinction. Kiera The Hero is changing it! Fairy Kiera NFTs are 8 exclusive designs available to purchase via Rarible. Proceeds from the sales will contribute to the foundation, which is working around the clock to make sure that the endangered species, both animals and plants, receive all the needed protection and will stay with us forever.

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